Commercial Tiling for the northern powerhouses.

AVIA spoke with Reynolds Tilers Limited and their installation team. The tilers were enjoying the variety of materials and tiles their latest project presented them with in Warrington. From 900X450 Atlas Concorde tiles to AVIA white metro tile and brushed steel mosaics that are just stunning. AVIA sold the materials as on request to the contractors. Ian the director at Reynolds Tilers Limited wanted to use S2 adhesives on all the large format 900X450 tiles which were installed on the walls and the floors. D1TE showerproof adhesive for the metro tiles and CGWA for all the grouting. We spoke with Reynolds Tilers Limited Technical Department ''Rocatex products give us the confidence we need in our ever changing industry. S2 is normally very expensive and rarely in stock when we are contracting nationally. We found that its very easy to use and worth the extra money for peace of mind and the qualities this S2 gives such as the white colour, high flexibility and a rapid setting time of just 3 hours! Mixing correctly is key to unlocking the full potential out of the Rocatex family of products. With AVIA we can work anywhere in the country knowing products can be there the next day as AVIA allows you to buy 24/7.

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