Levelling Systems Yes or No?

When we first heard of levelling systems we immediately thought these are for amateurs not professionals. But more and more professional tilers are using them. Does that mean pros are becoming lazy I hear you say? Well we spoke to several contractors who use them because some tiles can be bowed or inaccurate. When we visited Castellon in Spain we spoke to the manufacturers about this fault but all of them said it wasn't an issue with their tile manufacturing process therefore a solution for a tiler can be levelling systems. Back to the tilers now, still some tilers refuse to use them. Our opinion is using them can help you create a flat finish which is helpful when installing rectified tiles with narrow grout joints on a half, third or fourth bond. We have found that more adhesive than usual was needed and the price of the project increases due to extra adhesive and the levelling system its self. But is the extra cost worth it for a lip free finish in your opinion?

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