The First Mobile Store

AVIA TILES from the start has tried to be different with innovative ways of Tile purchasing, product selection or just browsing. We have now launched the UK's first Mobile Tile Store. Aimed mainly for trades, this service will help businesses and others place orders without the hassle of leaving jobs, by us delivering the order on the same day or next day. For example Jim is working on a floor late onsite, he needs 5 bags of S1 but he's working early on site and doesn't want to get stuck in traffic and be late to site. He places an order on our app, website or email, stating he'd like a mobile shop order in the comments section. His stock arrives at the site whilst he carries on with other tasks moving the project along. He then realises he's forgotten to add grout when the items arrive. Being a mobile shop as long as we have stock on board he can make a contactless purchase then and there and have an e-receipt or text receipt for the items he purchases. For bulk deliveries we will still operate how we always have but our mobile store is aimed at smaller orders local to Yorkshire and Lancashire. This service helps to keep your business efficient, it saves you time and money with AVIA having the best brands at the best prices sold onboard or industry favourite alternatives.

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