NBR Rubber 3 Ply Waterproof Sealing Tape A high grade waterproof sealing tape system for interior and exterior domestic and commercial applications consisting of:

• 10m  Tapes • Internal / External Corners • Pipe Inlet Collar


DESCRIPTION- A specially coated 120mm wide 3 ply tape consisting of 2 outer polyester fleece layers and a flexible 70mm wide NBR rubber elastic core. Promotes excellent bonding with ROCATEX Waterproof Tanking Coat.
APPLICATION To be used in conjunction with ROCATEX Waterproof Tanking Coat - please refer to separate technical data sheet.
Apply first coat of ROCATEX Waterproof Tanking Coat and whilst still wet firmly press in the sealing tape / corners / pipe collars. Ensure there is an overlap of at least 50mm. Once dry (approximately 15 minutes) a second coat should be applied. Ensure that the tape is fully covered with ROCATEX Waterproof Tanking Coat. Tiling can commence once the second coat has fully cured, approximately 1 hour at 20°C.
Suitable for medium to high loads of non-pressurized water (e.g. showers, wetrooms, bathrooms, steam rooms - both domestic and commercial). It can also be used for water under constant positive pressure, both internally and externally (e.g. swimming pools, balconies and terraces).
TECHNICAL DATA Substrate:   2 outer layers of polyester fleece Coating:   NBR rubber Colour:    Grey Total width / Coating width:  120mm / 70mm Total thickness (approx.):  0.6mm Material weight (approx.):  50g/m Length per roll:   10m / 50m Water pressure resistance:  Leakproof at 3 bar Elongation, lateral direction:  250% Elongation, lengthwise direction:  50% Resistance to temperature, min. / max:  -20°C / +90°C


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