XL 500 Deep Flex Leveller

ROCATEX XL 500 Deep Flex Leveller is a free flowing, self smoothing, protein free, self levelling floor compound, blended from a mixture of high quality, fibre reinforced, raw materials. ROCATEX XL 500 Deep Flex Leveller can be applied in thicknesses from 2-50mm in a single pour. It provides an economic means of levelling and renovating existing floors, prior to the installation of floor coverings such as ceramic tiles, natural stone, timber or carpet. It is particularly effective for encasing underfloor heating systems where its thermal transfer properties enhance the heating application. This levelling compound is suitable for use in homes, schools, office buildings, public buildings, sports halls, department stores and hospitals. Suitable for use on external concrete surfaces such as balconies, patios and walkways prior to the application of tiles. It can also be used for domestic garage floors prior to covering with a suitable surface coating. Additionally it may be used for patch repairs on rough concrete, domestic driveways and paths that are subject to foot and light rubber wheeled traffic.

Bed Thickness
30 mins
Open Time
3-4 hours
Foot Traffic
  • Highly Flexible / Fibre Reinforced
  • Non Shrink
  • Protein / Casein Free
  • Free Flowing / Pumpable
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Concrete / Screeds
  • Timber Floors / Chipboard
  • Internal / External Use


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